United Kingdom’s landscape offers numerous sites for motorhomeS
UK’s campsites are treasures of Nature   

UK campsites are second to none in terms of security and scenic beauty. United Kingdom’s 242,500 square Kilometers consist of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. This expanse is naturally revamped with a myriad of landforms: plains, plateaus, mountains, riversides and beaches. When it comes to best motorhome sites UK surpasses most countries with more than two thousand fully managed campsites.

The population of UK is passionate about spending the available leisure time in a highly responsible way. With lots of hobbies and outdoor picnics, motorhome camping has become a new culture for the Britisher.

Looking for motorhome campsites in United Kingdom?

Kingsbury Water Park

Located at West Midland, Central England, Kingsbury Water Park is a highly maintained campsite for motorhomes and campervans. With paved pitches for motorhomes, the site is self-descriptive in terms of facilities, professional staff and administration. You would get free Wi-Fi at the site to carry out your necessary communication. From toilet flush-outs to motorhome service terminals, you would get everything to make your outdoor venture a memorable touring experience. The campsite have launched special offers for the members, otherwise you can book a space at the campsite for a nominal cost. Three major fascinations this site offers invariably include luring landscape, dedicated facilities and cost-effectiveness.

Ebury Hill

Ebury Hill is a complete campsite and caravanning club in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. This lush green campervan site is mainly good for the spacious walkways and dedicated areas for children. The people who love fishing usually prefer this site to spend long holidays in a campervan. They offer four different types of pitches suiting to various types of motorhomes and campervans. Its location by the lake makes it a sort of oasis. The dog overs really have an advantage while they are on the go for all their leisure. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, they have clean environment, follow strict safety procedures and offer sanitizing paraphernalia.

Cannock Chase

The place is the proud of Staffordshire. Offering different types of pitches – grass pitch, grass pitch with electric hookup – and full spectrum facilities, you would find on-site tents for all your pleasure. Solitude, after your consistent period of working hard, becomes a blessing and Cannock Chase is the best motorhome campsite to cherish this blessing. Their impulsive staff is always ready to serve you in the best possible way. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi while having a walk into the forest that is just adjacent to the site. Do not worry, the forest is safe!

Chipping Norton

It is the heart of Oxfordshire in Central England. Very well managed pitches, kids specialised areas, ready tents and zero pollution constitute your peace of mind. You would find green pastures all around, giving you a magical feeling to soothe your exhausted nerves. Chipping Norton is a quiet corner for enthusiastic people. The campsite is a safe haven for the folks from creative industry. You can enjoy outdoor tenting and exposure to sun in the morning, and your motorhome gives you a lovely opportunity to make memories throughout night.


Hayfield in High Peak, Derbyshire is yet another value addition to the best motorhome campsites in UK. During the peak days, Hayfiled presents an attractive picture of the motorhomes and campervans that seem to be placed in the lap of a valley. Your mind would go green wherever you go on the site. Peak District National Park is the biggest fascination of this site.

Motorhome service area, jogging tracks, modern amenities and eye-catching skyscape takes the visitors to a paradise. The musical sound of the flowing stream through woods leaves an arrogant impact during the stay at site. Especially appropriate for long weekends, Hayfiled is the jewel of nature for cyclists and for those who love travelling long on foot. The bookings at Hayfiled start from 8 Pounds.

Bracelands Forest of Dean

It is a forest site. A large number of people love camping at forest sites to feel the scenic beauty from a different point of view. The beautiful views of this campsite at Coleford, Gloucestershire are sufficient to alleviate all your pains of commercial life. Just imagine that you have pitched your luxury campervan in the lap of the River of Wye and the Forest of Dean! The beauty would leave you speechless. The site offers 500 plus pads and pitches for motorhomes and tents.


Cardigan in Wales is amongst the best campervan sites UK and its natives are always proud of. Elegantly located at the beachside, Cardigan portrays real meanings of the bounties of Nature. The site offers BBQ spots, carpeted walking tracks and compatible pitches. Just keep of walking for half an hour and you would reach mesmerising beach of Mwnt. The campers report that Cardigan spreads vibes of freedom, satisfaction and ecstasy with every moment filled with happiness. Pet lovers are encouraged to spend a few days at the campsite to treasure the company of animals.


Blaenhafod is a completely agricultural campsite for motorhomes. You would see livestock and crops all around your motorhome. The major attraction of this campervan site constitutes windy beaches of Saundersfoot, Amroth and Tenby. Big shops and markets are situated in vicinity of this site, so you need not to be worried to fill your basket with the necessary purchases. Children love this place for stocks of birds, animals and theme park. You would be stunned at the warm welcome by the trained staff at campsite located at Landsker Trail, Wales.


Woonton Court Farm in Leominster, Central England, makes best use of the rural landscape to aspire passionate campers. People come with their pet dogs, horses and cycles to enjoy the full length of natural beauty on the village farm. The management of the campsite offer an updated map to locate and visit nearby areas with freedom. Leominster convinces the campers that camping and motorhome are keenly associated when it comes to sticking to the off hours to laugh away all your mental fatigue. Living in the organised crowd of livestock is an indescribably influential experience.


You would find Scone in the heart of Scotland. Visited by many campers every year, Scone is a cultured campsite for motorhomes and campervans of all types. The site is quiet, peaceful and enticing. Coming to Scone with your loved ones is always recommended by the camping experts for its climate takes you to some other world where you feel your worldly worries going far away from you. Scone presents neat, organized and compact pitches in the courtyard of a historical royal palace. You would love tenting along peacefully flowing stream and bounteous setting of Scone.

Newtown Stewart

The Meadows in Newtown Stewart, Northern Ireland, is amongst top campervan friendly campsites in UK. The Meadows is a lovely combination of natural scenery, grassy landform, camping amenities, and woods. Gortin is a historical village of Northern Ireland, which is located nearby. Additionally, you can visit the famous national park in the neighbourhood. Apart from all these destinations, Newtown Stewart is a place of many primitive landmarks of Northern Ireland. The people who love history also love this campsite.


Travelling to the Mourne Mountains, you find Buckshill in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. This is a specialised motorhome campsite that is characterised to accommodate only a few campervans, motorhomes and outdoor camps, probably from ten to fifteen at a time. The folks who just hesitate crowdy campsites rush to book a space in green Buckshill that is a certified motorhome campsite in UK. A wide range of motorhome campsite facilities is upright to serve the guests in a professional way.


The beauty of Central England, Oxford is located in Oxfordshire and is famous for its innovatively managed motorhome campsite. Professionally trained staff takes great care of you and your belongings during your stay at the site. Sanitation has been given priority that is the basic necessity of campers. You can cycle to the urban area or have a light walk to the woods. This campsite, due to proximity to the city, is equally liked by the couples, children and old age people.


Would you like to camp near Alton Towers in Staffordshire, Central England? Who does not want to? Alton, The Star is really a twinkling star on Earth. The landform of this motorhome campsite is a beautiful amalgamation of meadow, hills and woods. Nearest to the main entrance of the site, you come across Peak District National Park that is one of the attractions for family camping ventures. Offering four types of pitches, Alton is a perfect choice for campervans and recreational vehicles. Like any other great campsite, Alton is quite competitive in terms of conveniences and service standards.


Named after its pasture-like formation, Greenway is another preferred motorhome campsite for caravans and families. Greenway – Westland West is just half an hour away from the Newport Beach. The campsite offers a wide array of general and camping facilities. The pitches are matchless and the managing staff is highly cooperative. The site is one of the most visited places, the campers are advised to confirm prior booking. Washbasins, toilets, nearby shops and motorhome mechanic shops are available to make for four essential needs.

More motorhome campsites in UK

For your convenient search, a few of the top campervan sites in UK have been mentioned. In order to compare the landscape, beauty, facilities and security provisions, you could look for the following motorhome campsites across the territory of United Kingdom.

  • Cambridge in Great Shelford
  • Hereford in Herefordshire
  • Chertsy in Surrey, South East England
  • Crowden in Glossop, Central England
  • Polstead in Suffolk, East Anglia
  • Graffham in Petworth, South East England

Understanding the concept of motorhomes

As suggested by the term itself, a motorhome is a motor coach that is mechanically portable. Yes, a motorhome offers mobile accommodation in the form of a fully furnished vehicle especially designed for leisure camping.

The credit of conceptualizing, designing and developing the first motorhome goes to Pierce-Arrow, a motor company known for high-tech developments. In 1910, their experts took responsibility to create a touring model that resembled the contemporary motorhome, but that was an entirely different model. Passing through periodic technological change, the modern motorhome offers a luxury moving accommodation for picnics, leisure and entertainment. The concept of camping thus got a new definition.

The experts from various parts of the world kept working on the maxims of motorhome and employed the latest innovation to upkeep standards. Today, people purchase more than fifty-thousand embedded motorhomes annually in United Kingdom. The UK market is growing in this regard just because the landforms of UK offer a multitude of motorhome campsites.

Difference between a motorhome and a campervan

Both are mobile accommodations built on the engine-driven vehicles. The main difference between a motorhome and a campervan arises from the size. A motorhome may achieve the size of a truck or a bus, whereas a campervan is a fully facilitated travelling home that is erected on a van.

The other names given to a campervan include camper, motor caravan or caravanette. However, people know the campervans by different terms throughout the world.

A motorhome offers divided living compartments, but a campervan usually has no divisions or dichotomous compartments. Its shows a motorhome is designed to accommodate more people at the same time. On a larger scale, motorhome campsites are equally acceptable for campervan campsites.

You need to have a glimpse of different types of motorhomes.

  • Integrated motorhomes are luxurious, furnished and expensive
  • Semi-integrated motorhomes are manufactured on a comparatively low-cost vehicle
  • Alcove motorhomes are mounted on vans with a caravan style

Features of an ideal motorhome

An ideally built motorhome is just comparable to a cozy studio apartment with all home facilities. The designers and manufacturers give special consideration to security factor while assembling motorhomes.

  • Usually designed to accommodate up to eight people
  • Comfortable sleeping places looking like luxury beds
  • A cosy sofa with the fold-out feature as per requirement
  • An operative kitchen with necessary appliances
  • A toilet with shower area and the hangers fixed
  • The diving area and adjustable passenger seats
  • A lounge or small sitting area specified at one side
  • A functional generator, batteries and solar system
  • Capable to offer a clear view of the surroundings