Are you here to sell a used campervan? If yes, then this is the best online portal to get the campervan sold now! With us, Campers Traders, you will get not one but limitless bounties. What are they, and how far have we reached the milestones of selling camper vans without any hassle? Let us share everything with YOU so that it becomes easy to decide.


Campervan cars for sale

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£31 .000
Fiat Ducato 2012
  • Manual
  • Campervan...
  • Used
£17 .999
Ford Transit 2011
  • Manual
  • Campervan
  • Used
£45 .500
£44 .450
Volkswagen 2017
  • Manual
  • Campervan
  • 4
  • Used
£12 .000
Volkswagen T5 2009
  • 165000 mi
  • Manual
  • Campervan
  • Used
£15 .225
  • Manual
  • Campervan...
  • Used

Camper vans for Sale at Campers Trader

Campers Traders provide a list of all those vehicles that are ready to get sold. By “vehicles,” we mean camper vans. In the pursuit of happiness through the right purchase, the buyer can get more than what he looks for – the best campervans for sale.

 Here, on this page, you will learn about the types, sizes, and almost everything associated with camper vans that are listed for sale. 

Bounties of Campervans for Sale at Campers Traders 

As mentioned above, there are many bounties for getting your car listed here for sale. Or, if you are not looking for selling and are up for buying a campervan, many features will entice and hook you with the perks of getting a perfect vehicle. 

Some of them are mentioned below. Remember, these are just a few to name; others are aligned in the guide to purchase a perfect campervan. So, you are at the right place to get camper vans for sale uk. Moreover, you can sell your vehicles for the right prices that you deserve. 

What is Camper Van Like?

Campervans for sale, what are they? Well, broadly speaking, these vehicles serve two in one benefits – accommodation and traveling. Many things are needed to propel the house in a van. 

Perfectionists, however, find it difficult to suit their needs according to their wants and desires. It is mainly because the camper vans are mostly built by oneself or are bought after seeing and checking a number of things. 

Features of Best Camper Vans at Campers Traders

Remember, camper vans are mostly custom-made vehicles. They work out best when the user is sure of a camper van’s features. However, in our platform, we don’t really take a deep look at the van. So, what do we do instead? Campers Traders only list them on the site so that other users or buyers may have a look and eventually make a purchase. It would not be wrong to say that we are the median between buyer and seller. 

Since we only list the camper vans, it is clear that we don’t make the buyer and seller meet, discuss the features, or help in any deal. That is totally how two parties plan to meet and take things forward. We, however, can suggest a list of things to do before making a purchase. 

One thing that is ascertained is that Campers Traders lists vans near your location so that the dealers may face zero hassle in setting up a meeting. With us, we have details of the camper van. That includes minor features as well as main attractions. 

To make the buying process easy, simply click on the preferred vehicle. Check the contact detail from the information. Dial them up, set a meetup, and proceed. 

SIZES of Camper Vans Listed on Sale at Campers Traders

Which is the best camper to buy? How much should I invest? What features should I check in a camper? All these questions are important. But one of the main questions to look for an answer to is:

 What would be the best size to opt for? 

Let us tell you that with us, buyers will find five types of camper vans. These are mainly categorized under the following because of a reason – preference. In preference, we don’t see much other than the budget, compliance of need, size of the vehicle, and top priority features. 

  1. Mini Campers
  2. Small in Size Campers
  3. Mid-Sized Campers
  4. Big Campers
  5. Humongous – Extra Large Campers

TYPES of Campervans for Sale – Campers Traders  

Other than the sizes, there is another way of finding the best campervans for sale at Campers Traders. The buyer can opt for the following types of camper vans. Each has its worth and importance. The only difference is that you may prefer one type to the other because of preference concerns, features, budget, etc. 

  • Used Camper Vans 

These vans are slightly used. But it doesn’t mean there is any problem with the engine, features mentioned in the description, or anything similar. Nevertheless, there are some areas as in the parts, where the buyer must pay attention before buying. So, you should know these types of camper vans for sale uk before you buy them.


  • New Camper Vans  

Since this is a brand-new vehicle, it doesn’t have issues as compared to the used camper van. It doesn’t mean you that the buyer must ignore everything and just purchase the van. It is a must to take the van on a test drive and follow all the rules of buying a camper van. 

Guide – Factors to Bear in Mind Before Buying a Camper Van For You 

First thing first, the user, as the buyer, must make a checklist. That list should have all the points which are necessary to have in a camper van. If you have no idea about how to and what to add to the checklist, don’t worry. But one thing is for sure that you should have a list before you buy any camper vans for sale uk from anyone.

We, the professionals at Campers Traders, can help you in this regard. 


Keeping an idea of the prospected amount for the purchase is more than important. It is the most crucial pointer. What really happens when the buyer has a targeted budget? Well, it gives a clear idea of the limitation. Besides the camper van itself, there are several aspects that are included in the category of “budget.” Those include amount buyers can easily maintain in maintenance and service, insurance, roadside help if required, buying campaigning tools and equipment, etc. 

Age of Van: 

Age is nothing but a number. But this theory fails in the process of buying a camper van. What makes the camper expensive and what doesn’t? The one-word answer would be – age. Vehicles with less age are more expensive than those that are old. Buyers mostly choose old camper vans so that they don’t have to pay a lot. Campers Traders always suggest the buyers’ prefered size, age, and model for the best fit. 

Transmission – Manual or Automatic:

Another factor to remain mindful of is the transmission of the vehicle. Many people suggest that automatic or manual transmission is completely about preference. But we tell the buyer to opt for automatic if they have planned to resell it out after the purchase. However, it is also revealed through a case study that automatic camper vans have more hiring as compared to manual transmitted vehicles. 

Engine Functionality: 

Engine and everything related to it must be checked before making the deal. This criterion means whatever falls in this area must be assessed in detail. It may include hoses if they are perfectly fit or leaking water pumps and radiators, etc. Start it and go for a test drive to ensure that the engine is as good as it must be. The buyer can also start and then let it sit idle to evaluate the sound. Professional mechanics can easily figure out if there is any problem or not.

 Last Service of the Van:

Along with other factors, the vehicle’s last service must also be kept on the checklist. With that, the buyer will get to know if the gas pipes, electrics, and heating parts are functional or not. This help will put the buyer at ease in the long run. However, the buyer must get the vehicle serviced annually. 


Inflation of tyres should be on the spot. If the buyer feels it is not properly inflated, he should ask for a replacement. Besides that, you should check the last time tyres were changed. With these tips, you can have better results when you buy camper vans for sale uk.


As mentioned repeatedly, the van must be taken on a test drive. That way, the user will determine if oil is leaking or not.


Brakes must be recently changed. If they haven’t been changed, please ask the seller or owner of the vehicle to get it replaced.

AC and Heating Option: 

Heating and cooling systems must work. Again, if they aren’t working properly, getting them replaced would be the best idea.

Other aspects to look into are not listed above. It doesn’t mean they aren’t pictured as important as the ones mentioned. Those factors or aspects include glass, lights, bodywork, etc.

Last Words – Campervans for Sale

With us, Campers Traders, our buyers will get the best recourses in the nearest location. We have just listed the camper vans of different sizes and features. That is totally up to the buyer to make a choice. Nevertheless, we have given pointers on buying the campers that could help them get the best one listed on the official website.