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Finding the best caravans for sale uk may seem difficult. It doesn’t make sense to go to brokers and dealers when everything is online these days. We solve the problem with our services online and showcase the best caravans on sale at our web portal. We solve the most crucial stages of buying a new or old caravan. Here, you will get hundreds of caravans listed on our official site.

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What do Campers Traders offer? 

Unlike other online sites for buying or selling caravans, Campers Traders do justice with all. Not just because of the basics where the buyers get whatever they look for. But also due to the other side, where professionalism leaves an impact. So, you can buy caravans for sale uk with us.

Following are some of the main reasons as to why one should rely on us.

  • Quickest and easiest access to the directory
  • No delay in payments
  • List for caravans for sale are updated regularly
  • Reputation and reliability are massive as well as great
  • Quotes are given instantly

 Besides that, there are many other perks you can choose us to buy caravans. Those include competitive prices and professional reliability. An array of vehicles under the following sizes and types are part of the category list.  

Types of Caravans

We have two types of caravans listed in the directory – brand new and preloved. However, both these categories include vehicles from the following manufacturing companies.

  • Swift
  • Willerby
  • Carnaby
  • Atlas
  • ABI
  • Pemberton
  • Victory
  • Etc.

Buying preloved is mostly cheaper than the brand new one. However, it is all about preference and needs. Some buyers have a bigger budget as compared to others. Even then, they opt for a used vehicle for a number of reasons. 

Primarily, it is about the use. When someone opts for a cheaper vehicle, it doesn’t always mean he can’t afford the bigger caravan. It could mean the use is limited, and there isn’t any reason to invest in a brand-new caravan.

 Sizes of Caravans

Sizes which the buyer can find here include;

  1. Mini Campers
  2. Small in Size Campers
  3. Mid-Sized Campers
  4. Big Campers
  5. Humongous – Extra Large Campers

 If you are not sure which would be the best size for the use, don’t worry. Just let us know, and our representative will clear several aspects of buying small, extra small, mini, mid-sized, etc. How do we do that? Well, we have been operational and into big vehicles purchase and sales for decades. That means we have years of experience. With experience, we have knowledge and expertise in the industry. 

PS: one thing that you as a buyer must keep in mind is … we are not responsible for the kind of vehicle the user ends up buying. We aim to provide you with options of different types and kinds. In other words, we only place different caravans in the list and how you approach, what deal you crack, how things turn out for you… it is all subjective and not our responsibility. Nevertheless, we are not shrewd like others. That is why we give pro tricks and tips to make the deal as smooth as anyone would dream of. To know these tricks, read till the end. You will find some basic information on cracking a deal.

Caravans Buying Procedure

Buyers get caravans for many reasons. However, touring is one of the main reasons. So, in case you are getting a caravan for the same reason, make the best choice by determining the size, features you would want in the caravan, and how you would want to pay for the caravan.

At Campers Traders, we have two types of sellers. The first category belongs to private sellers. This type owns the vehicle. They are not associated with any agency or company. What they do is to contact us, Campers Traders, and we list them on our website. The second type belongs to agencies. Many vehicles are sold to the agencies that contact us to list their vehicle later on. 

So, in case you are buying a caravan from a private seller, the procedure would be extremely smooth, easy, and affordable. All you are required to do is to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit our official website and go to the homepage
  • Click on “buy caravans”
  • Check the list of different caravans
  • Select one and reach the owner
  • Ask your queries and set a date for meeting your future vehicle

Likewise, the same procedure applies if you are getting a caravan from the agency. You being a buyer, might think, how would I know about the type of seller. Well, to make it easy for you, we have tagged it accordingly. 

How We Advertise Caravans on Sale at Campers Traders? 

We display caravans for sale on all our social media accounts. So, it includes Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The advertisement will remain there for a specific duration. After that, it shall be removed. Everything about the advertisement is explained in the official documents that are shared with the one who wants to register their vehicle for sale with us.


Guide – Factors to Bear in Mind Before Buying a Camper Van in 2021 

Before making a purchase, understand what is needed. As we know, needs and requirements are always based on preference. They vary from buyer to buyer and situation to situation. Therefore, the checklist mentioned below is a basic one, keeping things that really matter in getting a caravan.


  • Do the Research

Try not to get yourself consumed by the rigorous research. We mean, don’t get tired of checking the caravans listed on our platform. Instead, remain neutral, do the necessary research, and keep your focus on the list of things you need in the caravan. Those items may involve upholstery, gadgets, interior, and gizmos. Since we have hundreds of caravans for sale are listed, you will get enticed, and there is a chance of getting overwhelmed. We would recommend making a list of all those caravans you have liked and then shortlist them according to your taste, preference, needs, etc. Research is one of the most important parts you should know before you buy caravans for sale uk from anyone at all.



  • Familiarize with the Complete Layout 

Get familiarized with the caravan’s main layout. In case you are not aware of the term “caravan’s layout,” let us give the basics. It simply means how the vehicle functions, what makes it go slower, and how it can be maintained. Furthermore, keep a budget but also check different options. Opt for the layout that entices you, not the one which makes you go low on excitement.


  • Caravans’ Body

Another tip for making the right decision of purchasing a caravan is the caravan’s body. Check out minor as well as major details. See if there is any dent, protruding panels on the side, or broken trims. Tyres must be assessed and seen if they are used more than normal. If so, ask for a repair. Other minor areas to check may include wrongly repaired parts. For example, two colours or mismatching of one singular paint.


  • Test Drive to Find Odds and Evens 

Our senses are indeed the best judge. So, when you go for a drive to test the vehicle, be conscious of the smell. When you buy caravans for sale uk from someone, make sure there is no smell.

If there is some odd smell, check the signs. Stains that look horrible as in ugly, different colours, moulds in the inner side of the rook, lock areas, all must look good. For instance, if they don’t please you, don’t deal with the caravan owner.


  • Old or Preloved Caravans are Not Always Bad 

Not all used caravans for sale are bad. If they are taken care of and serviced annually, they could be a better fit than the new brand caravan. Check both the types (old and new). See your options in terms of budget and requirements. That may give you room for deciding wisely.


  • Service After Buying the Caravan 

Knowing the kind of warranty and documents you are getting after buying the caravan is a must. Those who don’t follow the legal and professional rules suffer from getting problems with legalisation later. Also, get to know if the repairs will be done before selling, or it will be on you to get it serviced and repaired. These questions are important so that the needful can be taken care of. It also helps in being clear-headed.


There are many other factors to keep in mind before making the purchase. For instance, capacity, heating and cooling options, brakes, oil, tyres, etc. Keep those in mind too.