Lets have a complete understanding of what these two things are how they are associated and interlinked before jumping into any conclusion.

There are often spread misconceptions regarding these two whether they are different or similar etc. Lets get to know each of them.


What is RV? RV basically stands for Recreational Vehicle which can be used for planning your vehicles camping and other recreational tours and often it is misinterpretated with motorhomes or trailers where RV its self is an Umbrella which is further classified into different categories and section while starting from Class to Motorhome being the most elite one.

The value of Rv’s depreciate with time and so it is better to buy a second hand RV rather than a new one because it is a kind off vehicle that is all the time available is used as around he corner sort of a conveince. Its not expensive to live in a RV because it has been seen that its more costly to live in a house rather than living in an RV. The reason is hat the expected electricity and travelling costs are reduced almost to half.

There are different types of RV’s that can be included as a beter option. Such as are mentioned in the following;

Toweable RV’s:

The toweable RV have better facilities and have a compact form that serves as a convinient place for most. Although these have more space but they are greater in price than others.

Sports/ Utility RV’s:

Such RVs have a backside that can be used for multiple purposes. It is mostly used for carrying sports equipments, carts or other playing gadgets.

Truck Campers:

This is another option which is lesser in price than others and prices are calculated based on their sizes.


Before we take a deeper dive into RV and its practices lets have a look into what is or are motorhomes how they are formed what are their useablities.

So basically Motorhomes or Trailers which is an interchangeable term is a sub category of RV where being the most elite one they are fully functional homes such as they do consist of a bedroom, Living room and washroom etc to ensure your comfertability in living and to provide a sense that you are actually living in a single story home the cost of such homes can be affordable bt as having pros to it such a affordability and ease this also has many cons to it with the depreciation in price being the prior and important one lets look into some pros and cons of Motorhomes


Following the perks that you can enjoy with Motorhomes.


Motorhomes are definitely affordable as they are built in factories their structure having wheels, axles and two hooks but with the strong chassis you still can enjoy like living in a real home.


Perks of having Axle wheels and strong chassis with two hooks is what allows them to be moveable with the time, How would it be like to go on a vacation but you will never have to be home sick again. Plan a road trip travel to your destination you can bring your home with you Motor homes can travel as long as you without hesitation and provide you full time living experience

No Rents or Utilities:

Motorhomes as they are equipped with all the modern technologies, they require electricity or some similar utility connections but carrying a wire that long on road trip is not possible right? That’s where its mobility and backup from batteries or sometimes generators come in place  for providing you luxury and comfort of your home. No fix rents for your stay and you can park on the dedicated spaces sometimes you have to pay for parking spaces but genrelly motorhomes or trailers can be parked roadside or empty lots free of cost.


 Value Depreciation:

Homes don’t depreciate but assets depreciate right? Homes and land are a part of fixed assets that’s the reason they don’t depreciate much and normally homes provide more appreciation to its values unlikely Motorhomes/Trailers just like a brand new car starts depreciating its value the minute they leave warehouses or factories and after some years go for equivalent or a bit less than its half actual price.

Cost of Insurance:

The cost of buying the motorhome is exclusively greater but apart from that there is a seperate need of money for the insurance purposes. In order to maintain the amneties of the motorhome the money investment is essential.

Cost of storage:

The storage cost of the motorhomes is another issue  that is essential to be resolved. The space can be for some people an important resort. So people who wants their seperate space, motorhomes may not be suitable choic for them.

Limitations on movement:

Since there are limitations for the motorhomes to go because the places itself most of the time do not allow motorhomes to enter.