RVs are super luxury purchases. Even an average RV in UK may cost you equivalent to purchasing a little rundown house in suburbs. The matter of RV insurance becomes equally important. In order to safeguard your motorhome from the damages caused by road accidents, theft and fire, RV insurance is a must.

  • All motorhomes of class A and B are meant to be insured.
  • You need to acquire an RV insurance policy even if your motorhome is financed by some bank of leasing company.
  • If you have got a fleet of RVs financed or purchased in cash for running your RV rental business, still you need to get your asset assured.
  • You even have to consider motorhome insurance while purchasing a used motorhome or camper.

Usually, the annual premium for RVs insurance falls between Pound Sterling 400 to 1000 for a motorhome or campervan that costs Pound Sterling 50,000 and 120,000 respectively. As per country laws, every RV owner requires insurance cover in United Kingdom. The annual premium for the following motorhomes ranges between Pound Sterling 300 and 400.

  • Dethleffs Advantage
  • Swift Escape
  • Bessacarr
  • Roller Team
  • Hymer
  • Autosleeper
  • Andria
  • Bailey
  • Autotrail
  • IH Motorhomes

If you buy a brand new motorhome, the amount of factory fitted RV insurance becomes a bit higher that includes the cost of extra features embedded by the manufacturer. By now, you might have acquainted with the average cost of motorhome insurance.

RV insurance procedure

Mostly major car insurance transporters/ carriers also offer RV insurance. A Policy-genius expert can help in finding RV coverage that fits the needs and budget. But if there is a need to make RV insurance more affordable, there is a need to look into possible discounts. Many carriers offer discounts for bundling RV insurance with your auto, home or condo insurance, and some offer discounts if the consumer is the first owner of his RV or for safe driving. Like auto insurance, RV policies can usually go into effect the same day it is purchased, but one may get a discount for buying ahead of time.

Types of RV insurance

If one plans to take the RV on the road, one may need to purchase special RV insurance to cover for any damage or injuries cause and to protect valuable investment. Recreation Vehicle or in other words RV insurance is an agreement between a RV consumer and his insurance company that protects his motorhome, travel trailer, camper, fifth wheel, etc. A person can choose from a variety of coverages meant to protect the vehicle and provide peace of mind on trips and vacations.

The type of RV insurance depends on the type of RV itself, specifically whether firstly, it has its own motor, or secondly, whether the owner has to hook it up to a car or truck to move it. This section discusses what is cover under RV insurance.

Essential coverage options for your iconic recreational vehicles

  • Liability coverage, which covers the damage or injuries caused by oneself with his/her RV.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist, which covers an accident caused by a driver without insurance, or whose insurance doesn’t cover the full extent of the damage caused.
  • Comprehensive coverage, which covers RV for damage caused when it’s not being driven, like damage from fire, vandalism and extreme weather.
  • Collision coverage, which covers damage from an accident, no matter who was at fault

Additional coverage options for your dream RVs

  • Pet coverage, which pays for veterinary expenses if owners’ cat or dog is injure in a collision.
  • Custom equipment protection, which protects custom modifications that are permanently attached to RV, like a custom awning, audio and visual equipment that wasn’t factory-installed, even custom flooring.
  • Personal effects replacement cost coverage, which protects the furniture and personal items brought with owner in his RV.
  • Vacation liability, which gives a certain amount of liability coverage for injury or damage that happens while using the RV as a vacation home.
  • Emergency expense coverage, which reimburses for emergency expenses like hotels and transportation if owner has a covered loss of his RV.

What is covered under camper insurance?

Consider this list of insurable damages that take place under special circumstances during the usage of a recreational vehicle.

  • RV insurance protects the owners, main driver and drivers who come under ‘others’ category
  • Costs incurred in the event of financial loss caused by an accident
  • The treatment costs of injuries happened during an unwanted accident
  • Damages associated with theft and defacement
  • Losses caused by natural calamities: fire, storms, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. These are termed as non-collision damages and a comprehensive general campervan insurance covers such damages.  

Types of RVs required to be assured

The people who invest in buying recreational vehicles to enjoy the bounteous Nature and make memories own multipurpose RVs. Why do people buy different RVs majorly depends on following factors:

  • The frequency of travelling
  • Usage orientation: for personal use or to rent out
  • The size of family
  • The purchasing power
  • The territory they live

People are prone to buy these types of recreational vehicles which are to be insured as per rules and regulations.

  • Class B and C Motorhomes
  • Class A Motor Coaches
  • Campervans
  • Travel Trailers
  • Lightweight Trailers
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Toy Hauler
  • Caravans
  • Expandable Trailer

Popular RV insurance companies in UK

There are numerous companies which offer RV insurance; however, the best RVs insurance companies include Shield Total Insurance, Motorhome Protect, Adrian Flux Insurance, Aviva, Caravan Guard, International General Insurance, Caravan & Motorhome Club, Carole Nash, Easy 4 Insurance, and Caravan Wise. These companies are popular for their cheaper insurance quotations through all seasons. In addition to these insurance providers, the manufacturers of the RV may offer you a reasonable insurance package for your RV.

RV features the insurance underwriters consider

  • Make, model and registration of the recreational vehicle
  • Monetary value of RV
  • Engine type of RV: manual or automatic
  • Total driving history
  • Condition: new, used, repaired
  • Total mileage travelled
  • Detail of the main driver
  • Financing, purchasing mode: cash purchase or leased
  • Replaced parts
  • Storage level of recreational vehicle

Motorhome Insurance FAQs

Is it legal to drive a motorhome against the personal car cover?

Under normal conditions, you are hardly allowed to drive a motorhome on your car insurance. A motorhome is a truly defined purpose-built vehicle that necessitates a separate, special insurance coverage. For better consultancy, you may chat with the 24/7 representatives of Campers Trader

How much cost incurs on RV insurance.

It depends upon the make, model, condition and orientation of the recreational vehicle. In UK, average cost of RVs insurance for brand new vehicles may go as up as one thousand currency units. While the same for a two-year used RV may call for 300 Pound Sterling as yearly premium.

Am I required to pay RV tax other than insurance?

Yes, you need to pay tax for keeping luxury vehicle for outdoor ventures. The amount of taxes is calculate under effect of state rules. Usually, the net RV tax declines with the depreciation of the recreational vehicle.

Which one is cheaper: campervan insurance or motorhome insurance?

Mostly, the average cost of insurance of motorhomes is higher than that of a campervan. This is because motorhomes are more expensive than campervans. Campervans are smaller and come with a small storage.

What does a Green Card mean in motorhome insurance terminology?

The motorhome insurance company issues a Green Card. It helps you while crossing state borders especially in European Union countries. It is your authority to prove that your motorhome is insured. Usually, UK natives does not require a Green Card but you have to carry it while cruising in Ireland.

Are the RV tracking devices approved for insurance?

Some of the insurance companies consider the motorhome tracking devices for insurance but other do not. It is subject to the manufacturer and the type of tracking device.

Should I abort my RV insurance during successive COVID-19 lockdowns?

It is true that travelling is not easy during the coronavirus lockdown. Your insurance company may cancel your RV cover but it would be better if you retain the insurance policy for things would ultimate change with the passage of time.

I need to sell my motorhome. How the insurance would work?

The beneficiary of the RV insurance cover shifts from one owner to the other. For the purpose of understanding, you may take it as you do not only transfer your motorhome but also the insurance cover enabling the new owner be responsible for all the pros and cons of the RV. To get more details, you just contact your RV insurance company.

When and how should I make a claim?

If, under the principles of Nature, you come across an accident or natural disaster that caused damages to your recreational vehicle. First, take care of yourself. Second, contact you RV insurance company without wasting time. The methodology and requirements of claim differ from company to company.