Are you looking for a campervan? Good luck with that! We really feel happy for you to decide to get a vehicle for traveling and vacationing on road. However, there are many reasons we are actually concerned about the smooth purchase. 

At Campers Trader we render our services for the quickest solution, facilitation of buying and selling campers with the best experience, and a hassle-free procedure. With us, our clients receive free of cost consultations along with some tips and tricks to avoid scams. 

This article is a part of a guidance guide based on which clients can buy and sell campers safely.

Stay Super Confident About Not Being Scammed.

Let’s start with the tips and some tricks on being super confident about not getting scammed.  

Buy AFTER Seeing the Camper 

Earning money is comparatively difficult than spending it on the right vehicle. It is approved by many financing companies and entrepreneurs. Keeping that in mind, it will not be a good idea to buy a camper without seeing it. Here is why. 

  • The rate of scams multiplies with every bad move. 
  • Bad moves involve handing cash to the client, the seller. 
  • If you buy a camper without seeing it, the seller can play smart and sell a vehicle with multiple concerning factors. 

Likewise, when the buyer takes a detailed look in as well as out of the camper, the scam rate decreases. Another point to focus on is buying a vehicle against cash. Instead, buying something big or more valued should always be done through check. It is so that if you find out about any loophole or lack of commitment from the seller, the buyer can stop the transaction. 

Besides all these points, it is also important to have a third party involved. In such cases, Campers Trader works out best. We make sure that both parties get their best experience. 

Keys – To Keep Handy Yet Safe 

Leaving a vehicle with the buyer alone for even a second can be risky. Giving keys without the deal being closed or documentation is another NO to go area. Similarly, giving or handing out official camper documents without the purchase is beyond risky. Most of the buyers act cool and think they’ll make the seller fool by distracting them during a conversation. Be mindful of the kind of scams that take place in such situations.

Let us give you an example. One of our friends wanted to sell his campervan. The buyer seemed educated and apparently made an impact. However, during the conversation, he took made a chance to bluff my friend and took the keys. The seller was dumbstruck when he found that the keys were handed to another person. They didn’t have any bad intentions but the van was taken out for a drive without my friend’s consent. 

If you want to stay protected and safe by all means, then please keep the keys and documents away at the time of discussion, striking a deal, or bargaining. 

Stay Protected – DON’T Open Scam Calls, Emails, or Texts 

Last but not least, people like us who are into dealing with campervans selling and buying industry get many junk and spam emails. We are sure you do too if you have mentioned the interest in buying a campervan. 

Here is what you must avoid: 

  • Never open junk mail. 
  • Open the folder instead and simply delete the mail without seeing it. 
  • In a case where you get a call or text message, simply ignore and don’t talk. Be polite but also know how to cut the call. For texts, simply ignore and don’t reply. 

Nobody calls texts, or emails without any reason. For spammers, it is to scam and make a deal in the air which never exists. They simply want money and after getting hold of it, they ghost away (leave you stranded with nothing but guilt).

Campers Buying and Selling – Safety and Security Measures

There are some other ways of taking care of the deal – buying and selling without being conned. 

For that, we know you need to stay safe under all the scenarios while purchasing or selling a car. Following are some other measures to keep in mind. These pointers will assist you in more than one way. Firstly, the experience will be flawless and completely reliable. Secondly, the tricks and tips will definitely help in keeping your transactions and vehicle away from scams. More importantly, there will be times when these tips can help those who are going through the fear of losing money, and in doing so, they act differently. So much so that it calls for tragedy.

Keeping all these reasons it is best to know safety measures. 

Let’s start. 

But wait… 

Before we start let us bring something important to your notice. 

Safety of vehicles is different from the security of documents. Therefore, we have decided to walk you down the lane of all those aspects that has the potential of making a safer purchase or selling. 

A Checklist to Remember 

In this section, we have mentioned all those points which are a must to remember. Keeping them in mind will keep you and the campervan safe, close a deal with 100% satisfaction. However, another point that you must never fall prey to is an impulsive decision. Always decide rationally because it will never throw you into a situation where you’ll ask “why did I make this decision?”

Check and compare prices 

There are two situations that you being a buyer can experience – the price is too good to be true or the rate is way below market rate. In either of these scenarios please stay conscious. Too good to be true has the potential of fraud. Another one, way too low from the market rates can be alarming because mostly below par quality is sold at cheaper rates. 

What you can do to keep yourself away from these situations? 

First of all, stay aware of the kind of fraudulent acts that are prevailing in the current time.

Mostly, scammers opt for the trending traps and yes, it is true. Try to not fall for a bad deal where the seller is asking too much or too little. You can investigate about the price range different dealers and companies offer. 

Checking the advertisement carefully and questioning the offering price is the buyer’s right. Keep a list of questions handy. Take the list with you on the meeting day. Seller may have valid and legit reasons for selling campervan at a low price. 

When do sellers want to sell at an expensive rate? 

New campers, extensively furnished campers, and campers that belong to a celebrity or influencer are some reasons why campers are sold at higher rates. Hence, discussing these matters is pretty important. Because all you being the buyer have is the communication to make sure about the right purchase. 

In all these conditions, Campers Trader stands still on giving 100% satisfaction and complete guidance to make the best deal. 

Understand rights 

Buyers are taken care of by dealers through the “Consumer Rights Act”. However, if the deal is closed via a private seller, you won’t get covered by the act. It is fine for many buyers and doesn’t make sense to others. We always try to give guidance to all kinds of buyers.

So, keeping a person in mind who isn’t fine without the protection of the purchase, we would simply ask to make sure he’s buying from a dealer or at least someone who is fair in closing a deal successfully. On other hand, it is well and good to get covered by the act for most of the buyers. And why it wouldn’t be? They are covered after all. 

Nevertheless, it is without any explanation and giving reasons to the reader about reading the advertisement clearly as well as carefully. At times buyers and sellers are in haste and don’t bother to read the ad carefully. That can put the seller in trouble. Reason being, the entire ad will come under the “Misrepresentation Act”. 

Check documents 

Documents are a must to look at. It means you should know what to check and how to check. For your ease, we have mentioned some documents that are way too important to get assessed. 

VRN and VIN (Vehicle Registration Number and Vehicle Identification Number) should be checked right away. 

Besides that, we have the logbook or V5C registration book (document), color, and engine number to check too. 

Here, you might get a question in mind:

How does a V5C document look like? 

The answer is: 

If it is an original doc, you will see a watermark of DVLA. 

In the end, MOT history must be checked. What does it include? 

It includes a number of things. Some of them are listed below. 

Next MOT date 

Name of body parts that failed. 

Name of body parts that had some sort of minor defect 

Mileage at the time of test 

Whether it passed or failed in the test?

Get a copy of the camper’s history 

What happens when you buy a campervan without seeing history? The answer is not too difficult because it is understood by everyone with brains. Sorry for passing a rude statement but see, it is considered mandatory to look into details. Yes, the details like when was the vehicle bought? How many people owned the camper? How old is the engine? And, so on and so forth. 

Besides this kind of information, you also get to know info about the following areas: 

Was it ever stolen?

Did anyone scrap or write off the campervan? 

Does it have any outstanding finance? 

So, most of the questions are answered by the dealer or private owner. For example, if there is any outstanding finance, then the seller must be contacted. Sellers are the ones who normally in most of the case deal and settle the withstanding amount during the sale.

However, you should know that the campervan shall be owned by the finance company till the loan is fully paid back.

Aren’t there other points to be mindful about? The answer is YES, there are several other key points to look into. But when it comes to the right purchase and not being scammed or buying the wrong kind of campervan, the above-mentioned points stand worthy. 

Conclusion – How to Remain Away from Scammers While Buying a Campervan?

We have mentioned the main points on the basis of which you can stay protected. But there is something that will make the best purchase, keep you super satisfied, away from the wrong decision of purchase, make the best deal, and what not! WE – Campers Traders. Yes!! We are the best solution to look up to and rely on. Reasons are many. Campers Traders provide one to one guidance, free consultation, are always up for assistance, available 24/7 and 365 days. With us, you can make the safest deal. Keep following our blogs in the blog section of the official website ( to get guidance on buying and selling different types of vehicles.