Doing camping alone or with family or friends is just so much fun out there in the middle of nowhere. You get a chance to reconnect with nature and explore your surroundings away from the typical hustle and bustle of life.

It does not matter whether you plan to do camping for days or weeks, you need to pack up food items and accessories with you. Unless you are staying there for only 24 hours, you must refrain from bringing heavily marinated steaks, beef sticks, barbecues, and chuck roast. It would be difficult for you to keep dairy items in good condition out there. You cannot keep products that contain milk and cream. Therefore, you must learn what types of food items are good to pack and take with you for camping.

Why store food during camping:

It is critically important for you to pack your food nicely to keep its scent limited to the place where it is being stored. I would give an example here, when you put some fruits out in the kitchen just for a few hours you end up finding tons of flies and ants feeding on them. Likewise, when you put your food out in the open in a camping site the scent may lure wild critters and animals to it.

Fortunately, wild animals have a very strong sense of smell and they can smell it from a few meters away as well. It does not matter if you have just opened a pack of snacks once, it still has a nice and natural scent. If you put it out in the open, you won’t find it in a good condition again.

Wildlife creatures roam around the trees and lakes in search of food. This is what they do all of the time. By putting delicious food out there you are openly inviting them to have a feast. Not only that they will find your food but also the place where you are camping at. They may ransack the place, putting you in big trouble. So, today I am going to share a few tips on how to store your food while camping.

Never store in tent:

Whether you have set up a simple two-person tent or a large-sized family tent with enough space for storing big canisters of food, you should never store food in there.  

Wild creatures can smell food very easily even if you have kept it covered inside your tent. Imagine sleeping in your tent at night by 3:00 AM just to wake up later by being under attack by a pack of grizzly bears. They will try to get into your tent and the situation may get worse than you imagined if you don’t take precautionary measures. You would never want these creatures to find out about your camping location let alone the place where you have stored your food at. Not to mention here that wild creatures are predators and you never wish or want to put yourself at risk by storing food inside the tent.

However, you can keep some night snacks in the tent such as fully packed canned peanuts, butter, tortillas, chips, and chocolates. Make sure that you snacks are packed in plastic bags and contain no scents.

Besides bears and wild creatures, you may find rats, racoons and possums in search of food around your tent mostly at night. These critters are more active at night. You need to watch out for them as well while you are out there camping for days.

Additionally, it would not be easy for you to sleep in your tent when there’s food inside it. The scent of food may get stronger at night because it may have seasoning and flavors. In order to sleep peacefully, you should just keep it out there elsewhere just for hygiene and personal cleaning.

Food container and coolers:

You can get your hands on secure food storing coolers and containers from Amazon. Some also come with a padlock and thick structure to keep the scent of food from going out.   Whenever you plan to hike in the daylight, you can just put your food in a large cooler, shut it down completely and put it away safely.

Whether you have a large amount of food to store or just a few snacks, put it inside the cooler just to save away from the camping site. It’s for safety as well. Just in case you are not near the campsite and a predator comes across smelling the food, it may never be able to find the site and your personal belongings.

If you are camping in a caravan, it would be much easier to store the food inside. All of you do is lock the doors and close the windows shut. The scent of the food would never go out to lure any critter or wild beast. Alternatively, if you have a car parked near the campsite, you can use it as well for storing your food. Put food in the coolers and containers to store inside the car truck or in the car itself. Make sure to roll the windows all the way up to prevent your food from squirrels, racoons, and rats.

Metal Canister

You can buy large-sized metal canisters for your camping trips and use them only for storing food items and accessories during day and night.  These canisters are very difficult to open, so if even a bear comes across the food , it will never be able to access it. The animals can’t even manage to look into the canister let alone find the way to open it.

Metal canisters are good storage containers for all sorts of food items and even for toiletries and accessories. You can put them out there away from the campsite and cover them with a blanket just so no animal can pay attention to them.

Most campers suggest that the food should be packed safely for the night time in particular and it must be hung with a tree or trunk almost 13 feet above from the ground. This idea is plausible but you may find yourself in a difficult situation if you are camping away from the trees in an open space.  So, all you can do is invest in metal canisters and put food in there and put these containers on the ground without fear of getting your food stolen or eaten by wild creatures.