Before we discuss which caravan club is best in the UK, let us discuss what exactly a caravan club is. In a nutshell, a Caravan Club is a collection of like-minded people, which may include family units with children, who get together monthly at a predetermined location such as a caravan park, showground, sports ground, scout camp, or national park. Rallies are social gatherings when members get together to socialise, enjoying each other’s company. 

Does this beg the question as to why should someone care to join one? You are making a huge financial commitment by purchasing a caravan. Why leave it unused in your yard and just utilise it yearly for a family gathering on a special occasion? Joining a caravan club will not only allow you to get more mileage out of your vehicle, but it will also allow you to meet new people and befriend them. Those who are new to campervanning will be able to benefit from the depth of information that more experienced caravanners have to offer, while also meeting new people and exploring new locations.

Membership fees are collected in the form of a one-time registration fee and a yearly subscription fee, which includes the cost of a newsletter as well as other organization operating expenses. In addition, there is the cost of the camping fee that is billed by the venue where the rally is hosted each month, which is a separate expense. Clubs have no geographical limitations and accept membership from all around the world. It is all up to you. Try contacting one of its Club Secretaries and you will be extended an invitation to participate in a rally. On the third visit, most clubs offer the option of joining after visiting two rallies as a guest. If the first club you approach has exceeded its capacity and there are no vacancies, don’t be discouraged; instead, contact another one. 

Which caravan club is best UK:

Camping clubs, such as camper and RV clubs, provide excellent subscription rates and perks for enthusiastic campers, with various rallies, events, and incentives taking place throughout the year. 

Following are some of the best camping clubs you will find.

1: Freedom Camping Club:

It is a club that is led by people for the benefit of the general public. One of the goals of the Freedom Camping Club is to bring together those who like camping as a form of recreation and those who possess the most appropriate camping places throughout the country.

They are primarily concerned with selecting safe and adequate camping areas for caravanners. They are adamant that camping is essential in the development of a strong family tie, and that this is true not only because of the experiences that come with it.

Their membership is completely free and is valid for a lifetime, and it entitles you to a number of savings at a variety of campgrounds, as well as one night free camping each year.

2: HCC (Historic-Caravan-Club):

With its roots dating back to 1993 and a mission to ‘encourage the restoration, preservation, use, and exhibition of pre-historical caravans,” the Ancient Caravan Club is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the preservation, use, and display of historic caravans. If you don’t have access to a historic caravan? Not to stress, this club does not cater just to people of that demographic. Those who are passionate about vintage motorhomes, on the other hand, will find themselves right at home in this organisation. 

3: ICCC (Irish- Camping & Caravanning- Club)

The ICCC was founded in 1971 and is based in Ireland. This campground takes great pleasure in being a family-friendly destination. There’s something for everyone at this busy Irish caravanning society, with a full calendar, six local groups, and private member campsites.

4: ICA-(International- Caravanning- Association)

The ICA is a welcome self-help group that caters to a wide range of interests, including camping, walking, cycling, and even just general curiosity. The ICA is a great place to meet people who share your interests in the outdoors, thanks to its educational website, seasonal magazines, and year-round rallies.

5: BCC( British- Caravanners- Club):

Established in 1933, the Uk Caravanners Club has over 6,000 families as members, with over 10,000 club members dispersed over the United Kingdom’s many regions. Each district has its own committee in charge of organising rallies and other events. Its members keep the BCC responsive and current by holding annual meetings to discuss how the club is being administered.

6: DOC ( Dormile- Owners- Club ):

Owner of classy dormobile motor RVs can benefit from the efforts of these generous people, who run a dedicated club for them. Many caravanners have a particular interest in a certain model or style of the caravan, therefore it’s only natural that there are groups that cater specifically to these enthusiastic campers.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a dorm mobile camper, or even if you only have a vague interest in them, be sure to contact them right away!

7: MCC ( Motor- Caravanners- Club )

Exclusive membership in this well-known club is available to anyone of any age who owns or uses a motorised camping vehicle of any kind. There are around 500+ social gatherings hosted by the MCC throughout the United Kingdom. With 26 friendly clubs strategically located throughout the country, a monthly free magazine, yearbook, and a variety of discounts, you’d have to think hard to come up with a good excuse not to join!

Final Words:

Caravan clubs are fun to join as they actively work to provide you with a sense of achievement along with providing you with the opportunity to make new friends. You may choose any of the aforementioned clubs that may suit your taste.